Export DirectX .X format from Blender

Does anyone happen to know if export to DirectX (.X format) is still possible from Blender in some way?

It used to be possible using an add-on that came with Blender 2.79, but I believe that add-on has been discontinued since the release of Blender’s 2.8 series.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Officially nothing afaik, but maybe this is working good enough for your current need:

Never tried it though. Otherwise have a look for some file converters from eg fbx to x.
A quick search brought up eg this: https://3d-convert.com/en/convert/fbx-to-x.html but better have a second look yourself.

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Thanks! I’ll look into it.

I’m curious… because I haven’t seen DirectX mentioned for a long time…

Are you using DirectX for a hobby or for a work related project?

No, I’ve made this 3D illustration in Blender for an old friend of mine, who is the developer of BluffTitler, a video titling application that exists for quite some years now. He’d like to import my Blender scene into BluffTitler, but he hasn’t added other import formats than .X yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

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