Export Faces as SVG

I have created an object in blender and would like to export the individual faces of it to SVG. There are 4 faces. Do I need an add-on for this? very new to blender. Thanks in advance!

Blender’s usual output is a bitmap image- color pixels on a 2D plane; you’re asking for a 2D vector image type -line endpoint coordinates, line thickness and color properties.
There are some addons which would produce such 2D vector image from the blender’s Camera perspective which does not seem complying to the means of exporting individual faces…
There is an addon which exports drawing of selected object in a unwrapped manner, one you could cut with a scissors if printed and fold into a paper model. This might be the one you’re looking for.


you don`t need any addon. You can save the desire faces from UV/Image editor. Be sure that you are on the correct ortho view from the polygons that you would like to export and then follow the screenshots that i have attached. The only issue that you will find is that meybe the dimensions will not be the same with your model. But this you can fix easy by placing the correct dimensions in Ilustrator or Inkscape.


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I didn’t even know you could export uv maps as .svg, thanks.