Export File Size??? Why???

Hey everyone, i just rendered out an image from blender cycles and it was 7mb in size, does anyone have any idea why the file size is so large?


Hm, depends on file format, size and compression ratio.
A 3000x2700 pixel .png is 8.4 MB, half size is 25% file size.
Use .jpg with higher compression to get small files but also small quality.

Cheers, mib

The math is as follows:
resolution X * resolution Y * color depth per channel * 3 channels (R, G, B) = file size in bits

So, for example a 4000 x 4000 pixel RGB image in 8 bit color depth means 384 megabits or 48 megabytes raw image data. The rest depends on the compression…

Ok thanks guys, that just mean that cycles will be a killed video file size

The math I described above is valid for any renderer, any digital camera, any software dealing with digital imagery. The compression is the critical factor - and it’s you that decides on the balance between quality and file size.

and …, Image file size has nothing to do with video file size, it depends which codec you use.
This is really a big theme and you can write thick books about codecs, there are many different on earth.

Cheers, mib