Export for Win XP ?

Hello all,


From Linux laptop --> export the game -> it works Ok in Linux systems

From Windows 10 desktop --> export the game -> works Ok in Windows 10 and 7


From Windows 10 desktop —> export the game (as before) --> it does not work in Win XP (not a valid win32 app)

From Windows XP --> can not run Blender 2.78 (not a valid win32 app)

Is there some older Blender version that supports Windows XP ?

Thanks in advance !


2.76 must work on Win XP.

Duh, it does not work, it says something about not able to locate process entry point in kernel32.dll

make sure you are using the 32 bit version of blender?

Yes, I downloaded from here::


From what I have Googled , not locating entry point in kernel32.dll means it calls some function there that does not exist, which in turn means
that blender is writtenfor some newer version of kernel32.dll ( = of windows).

So it is probably because of some service pack 3 not being installed. Anyway it is not a problem of Blender.

I will try again Monday, because currently I do not have Win XP at home.