Export IK Rigged Blender Models

I am trying to sell some models on turbosquid, but I figured it’s not much use if they are available rigged only in Blender. I tried fbx export, but in Max, all it used was a baked animation with envelope deform. And if you add IK constraints nothing at all happens when you import into 3ds.
I didn’t find any solution and the Lightwave exporter seems to be broken for 2.5x
Thanks for any suggestions

Short version: export IK rigged models to other 3d applications

Short answer: You’ll be lucky!

Pretty much nothing out there will export a rig from one package to another… doesn’t matter if that’s max–>maya or any other combo… rigs are so host specific that the best you get is bones and skin weights and keyframes… usually baked to every single frame like mocap data.

I was afraid so, I guess the only way to bake the animation like an object sequence. It’s just weird that you can import an FK Rig, Vertex groups, but not the IK. Maybe I’ll at least get 3DS to stop using envelopes.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Also the MHX exporter from makehuman kinda raised my hopes. But I guess it’s a war. Even Maya and 3DS, both Autodesk seem to be very incompatible.

Yeah, in the visual effects industry, deformed geometry is exported from one package to another by caching the geometry, usually with proprietary scripts catering to the specific studios’ needs.

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If anybody is interested: FBX Exporter works very well for FK export to 3Ds max, I will test it on Maya, just the Bone settings in Max are confusing and IK has to be redone. You can even export animation, but it crashes often.