Export list of objects with their own data

Hi to all,

I need to know if there is the possibility to export the object list with data (especially the dimensions ) in order to create externally a BOM or a simple table with all the objects.
The goal is to have a txt or excel files in order to know all the parts of the drawing and have the possibility to know how many parts of that dimension I need to buy… imagine you are going to drawing a big library and have a lot of repeated part. I can count externally by excel but I don’t know how to export the whole list.
Thanks for your help.

Welcome @edraghet .
Are you familiar with python scripts ? And how to start blender from the console (i’m not on windows)?

Blender Doc: Commnadline Windows

Then you may search for: blender list all objects and find something like:

If started from console and opening the scripting workspace, making a new text in the text editor, pasting the script and hitting the Run Script button will show you some info…

Try it and ask if you need more help.
Happy blending.

Many thanks…it works!