Export maya to blender

Can someone help me export this to blender? I can’t make it work… The problem is that whenever I exported the maya file as a fbx and imported into blender the rig changes… and when I play the animation it doesn’t work like it should when it’s in maya and when I exported the maya file into dae and imported into blender there’s nothing. no mesh no anything. Or could anyone here convert this to a .blend file? I’m also just learning blender I want this to work to blender so I could study it as reference because I want to make my own pop up book. :frowning: If anyone here is kind enough here’s the maya file. :slight_smile: I badly need this for a school project.

It’s fairly easy but it’s important to note that rigs will not import properly, probably not even the bones alone (as far as I have tried, Blender creates double the bones) and particles will probably not work either (but don’t quote me on that, haven’t tried it)… Blender and Maya work in different ways. For meshes you just need to export them in obj or fbx files from Maya (File > Export all or Export selected) and then choose fbx or obj, if you want to use fbx and haven’t done it before on that pc then you’ll probably need to turn on that add-on. In Blender go to File > Import > FBX or Wavefront (OBJ) depending on what you exported on, choose your file and there you have it. Just save that as a .blend :slight_smile:

I’ve tried that. The mesh was imported to blender correctly but I’m having a problem importing its bones or is it impossible for me to import the bones to blender correctly like what it does on the mesh when in maya? :frowning: Wait, what do you mean double the bones? if in maya it has 4 bones in blender it will be 8 bones? Err… sorry I’m not really that well-versed in blender or maya. :confused: Just started learning recently. >_<