Export model with uv textures

I am trying to export a model i made in blender that uses a bunch of uv image textures. I export a obj with the mtl file. But when i load the obj into a new blender file the textures are not with the model. The node set ups are just a basic principle shader with a color once i import it. Any help on how to get my texutres to be on the model when i import it to another scene/file?


If you only need to copy the object to another blender file, you can just copy and paste in the new file.
Another way is to use append (or link if you want to keep the reference to the original) the object from the other blender file instead of import.
Otherwise maybe you could bake the textures (albedo, roughness, etc.) iton images and build the material into the new file.
It all depends on your needs.

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