Export modified mesh after rigging (make T-pose default)

Hi, guys

I am new to Blender and need it for rigging models for later use in the Unity game engine. Now I’ve found some cool rigged models at blendswap.com but a lot of them are not in the T-pose that I need. I can change the pose in Blender but when I export it (fbx) I still get the original rig.
What I would like to do is to change the pose, save the mesh and then if necessary re-rig the model with Rigify. I really need that T-pose to be the default for my rig.
Do you know how to do that?

Hope you can help me,


So I figured it out.

  1. You go to Pose Mode and pose your character
  2. Then in Object Mode you select the character object and the armature, afterwards with alt+p you clear the parent
  3. Finally you have to apply the modifiers

Maybe this will help someone else too