Export OBJ from Blender to 3ds max... huge problems...

Hi all

I downloaded blender model from internet, and want to export it to max via obj, or fxb or simillar… (I’m not a blender user)

but main problem is that when I export from blender for example obj (other formats have similar issues) to import it to max … my normals on objects are completely messed up!
I tried some scripts and plugins to unify normals and to fix the issue, but no luck…
I realized that all objects which have flipped normals are separate in max… but in blender all seems ok…

I’ don’t use blender, so as far as I see,… all looks ok with the model within blender

Here is the model I downloaded


and here is the image that 3ds max is showing with wrong normals… (darker red are badly inverted normals, lighter red are correct ones)


Please can some of you maybe check the model in blender just to see if the normals of polygons are bad in original blender file too?

and do you know if there is maybe a better way to export file for 3ds max

Thank you verry much in advance


Hi, the normals of polygons are ok but the file has many doubled vertices.
Here is a corrected file:
But i think max has also a remove doubles tool.

Cheers, mib.

Hi, and thank you for your time handling the model…
but unfortunately when I imported it into max via obj or fxb… nothing changed :frowning:
like model was never touched. :frowning:

I’ll keep experimenting…

Flame’s correct: all sorts of face normal issues with that model. Just clearing the doubles will not solve those.

Switch to cycle render mode, and activate the material viewport - and check out the problems. Recalculating the normals does not help either - or turn on the normals in the properties (n). The way the model is constructed (or converted) is just terrible.

I guess some manual cleanup is required. Still faster than modeling it yourself, I guess.