Export STL and maintain quad faced mesh

Hi all, I’ve buit a low poly model figure which i am trying to print. An intentional feature of the model is square faces, however when I export file as an STL, the faces triangulate. The printing software automatically converts any file to an STL, so when i’ve exported as a OBJ (where there’s the option to export as square faces) the software still converts the mesh to tris. If anyone could help, or point to existing post, would be very grateful. Thanks

The .stl format only supports triangles

If you don’t want to see triangles when you export to .stl you will have to ensure all your quad faces are planar

Thanks Richard,
I’ve had a go at making faces planar, which has worked but does distort the mesh significantly. Can you offer any further advice on this subject. I’ve tried manually re editing the mesh but this obviously makes the faces non planar again.

Thanks in advance.