Export to blender

Hello, everyone, how are you?
I need to create an export script for blender, I will try to explain:
I need to import my library made in max for blender.
I need a script that converts the max files using the vray textures for blender.
Then it would be a script that would open the max files, would generate a fbx file and save it in blender, it would have to load all textures, diffuse, reflect, refract, dispalce, bump among others.
Try to connect the texture channels in the best possible way, at least the maps are correctly connected in the blender.
The value of the service will be negotiated, due to the complexity, you can tell me the value of the development and we negotiated the value.
Deadline for delivery of the work.
I would like to finish it by July if possible.
Would anyone like to develop?


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