Export to json

I am trying desperately to export a building with several materials to json.

I use the up3date addon from here;

I follow there instructions thoroughly at there site and also

Until now with no success. Mostly these or similair errors appear:

Warning: ‘cityjson_PT_gui’ doesn’t have upper case alpha-numeric prefix
Read blend: /home/dom/projects/3D project/passage/passage.014.blend

Exporting Blender scene into CityJSON file…
Python: Traceback (most recent call last): attributes: 7.3% completed
File “/home/dom/.config/blender/2.93/scripts/addons/Up3date-main/init.py”, line 124, in execute
return exporter.execute()
File “/home/dom/.config/blender/2.93/scripts/addons/Up3date-main/core/objects.py”, line 365, in execute
cj_next_index = self.export_geometry_and_semantics(city_object,init_json,CityObject_id,object_faces,
File “/home/dom/.config/blender/2.93/scripts/addons/Up3date-main/core/objects.py”, line 293, in export_geometry_and_semantics
semantic_surfaces = store_semantic_surfaces(init_json, city_object, index, CityObject_id)
File “/home/dom/.config/blender/2.93/scripts/addons/Up3date-main/core/utils.py”, line 192, in store_semantic_surfaces
semantics[‘surfaces’].append({‘type’: material[‘type’]})
KeyError: ‘bpy_struct[key]: key “type” not found’

location: :-1

Can someone help me with this?


seems like a better idea would be to contact the addon developer and ask them for support, yeah?

He is not at home…

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