export uv face layout gone

Hi, I have downloaded blender 2.48 and no longer have the option of exporting the uv face layout to TGA. I can’t find a link to the script cos, on blender.org it says it is bundled. Anybody have a link to the required script or know of another sollution?
Thanks in advance,


My 2.48 still has it accessible from the menu bar on the UV window:
UVs->Script->Save UV Face Layout…

yup, that’s how I do it, but there’s nothing there… The ‘drop up’ menu extends, but it’s just a blank grey bit and there’s nothing written where ‘save uv face layout’ should be, and I can’t select it…

Take a look in the script folder and see if you can find it there

Hi Musk, I have checked and it’s not in my script folder. Which is odd. It must have been in there when I was running 2.46. It’s uv_export.py right? Do you know of a location where I can download it?

Drop me a pm for reminding me to post it here when I get home.

Ok I attached the script uv_export.py. Simply rename the attached file uv_export.blend to uv_export.py and drop it into the scripts folder in your .blender folder.
You might want to checkout the svn to get a uptodate copy of the script folder.
If it doesn’t work drop me a pm with your email and I send it to you.


uv_export.blend (13.5 KB)

Cheerums Musk, It works now, and I have also downloaded the rar archive for 2.48 and copied all the files where they belong. It’s strange, some folders were just empty…