Export UV layout inaccurate lines

Im trying to line up a UV map with its exported result, the lines do not match, they are off by several pixels, I cant tell if its a problem with Blender or a something im doing wrong.


  1. Export UV map, The exported UV map is height = 2048, width = 4096

  2. The exported UV map is loaded back into blender UV image editor to line up other UV maps

  3. Problem. The UV map image is not accurate, the image is off by about 1-2 pixels

In the Last Image Below the red Circled Pixel is what needs to be lined up, the yellow circles are the possible points to line up with but as you can see there are 9 possible line up points, the red circled pixel seems to be off by about 1 - 3 pixles, it should line up with one of the corners circled in yellow but it does not line up with any of them, any of those 9 circled edges/corners could be the original placement of the UV map Edge/Corner.

Another note is that the UV map in the picture has a single edge and pixel point, the resulting UV Map exported image from that area seems to have 3 lines and 3 pixel points.