Exporter woes

(Nhytro) #1

Hi! is anybody having success with any renderer export scripts? the Virtualight script is outdated and the Blenderman is somewhat broken:

// console output ahead

Exporting Frame: 1

Rendering "/BlenderMan/default///images//whoa00001.tif" ...
Done computing image.
Exporting Frame: 1
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "blenderman0.1beta7.3.", line 623, in bevent
  File "blenderman0.1beta7.3.", line 2212, in export
  File "blenderman0.1beta7.3.", line 2195, in writeFrame
  File "blenderman0.1beta7.3.", line 1728, in createObjects
  File "blenderman0.1beta7.3.", line 1637, in writeShader
NameError: There is no variable named 'entropyvar'


no matter what I do, I get black screens, even when I manually call BMRT up with the exported RIB file.

Any ideas?

I´m using BMRT26 INTEL Beta on Win2K


(dotblend) #2


(Nhytro) #3

Works like a dream! thanks Dotblend :smiley: