Exporting a fluid domain mesh to sketchup

Hi, I’ve created a fluid simulation and I wish to export the domain shape from one of the frames as a mesh that I can use in sketchup. Everything else in my blender scene seems to export (say in 3ds format) except for the fluid domain. Could someone offer a step by step solution?

thankyou !

  • Mick -

Bake the fluid simulation. Go to the frame you want to export, select the domain object,
For obj export: File / Export / Wavefront (obj). In the export settings ensure ‘Selection Only’ and ‘Apply Modifiers’ options are selected.
For dae export: File / Export / Collada (dae). In the export settings ensure ‘Selection Only’ and ‘Apply Modifiers’ options are selected
For 3ds export: File / Export / 3D Studio (3ds). In the export settings enable ‘Selection Only’
Tested in blender 2.65b and all export fluid at the selected frame.
Alternatively you may want to apply the fluid modifier at your desired frame to get a real mesh before exporting.

Thanks Richard - that’s exactly what I thought should work, but for the fluid domain it doesn’t work for me.

I’m using Blender 2.64. I pause on the fluid animation frame I’m happy with, select the fluid domain (I’m in wireframe mode), then as you say - I check “selection only” and export to a 3ds file (or dae). No errors. When I try to import into Sketchup it says “Can’t insert empty component”. Autocad just doesn’t insert anything.

If I try the same process with a different object, everything works perfectly - so it seems the fluid domain has some property that is preventing it from exporting. I’ve tried duplicating the domain, adding a “Remesh” modifier and applying it. Then trying to export - but no luck.

Any other suggestions? I’m new to Blender, so you might need to explain it slowly and loudly.


  • Mick

OK, I’ve been experimenting more… no matter what I did with my original file - I couldn’t get it to work. However, I started the file and simulation again from scratch and no problems now. Not sure what the problem was but it is working now. Thanks again

  • Mick