Exporting animation in Wavefront format

I have been learning OpenGL and for that I made a few models with Blender. I used Wavefront format to transfers the models into my programs. Now I have a need for a small animation and I thought I could still use my Wavefront object parser as there is an option to export animation in this format.

So, I did a skeletal animation with Blender and tried to export it, which should create separate .obj files from each frame. I get 80 .obj files out, as I have 80 frames, but all the files contain just a duplicate of the model’s state in the first frame.

I’m a little bit confused here, whether I choose wrong options for the exporter or I need to make something happen in Blender so that it understands that my object changes shape in each frame.

I’ve tried some variations in the export window, but basically I’ve selected these options: Selection Only, Animation, Rotate X90, Edges, Triangulate, Materials, UVs, Nurbs, Normals, HQ and Keep Vert Order or Apply Modifiers.

I’m using Blender version 2.49b.

I’ll be very grateful if someone knows what I might be doing wrong and decides to share this information with me. :slight_smile: