Exporting animations to X3D

Hello all,

I currently have a rigged realistic model of a 3D hand in blender. I also have created animations of the basic curling of each finger.

I would like to export this model for use in X3D, but when I click on “export,” the model appears as a basic mesh in X3D with no joints or texture map. For our project we have created a placeholder hand in X3D that consists of basic cylinders for fingers and a rectangle for the palm, and we are able to rotate the cylinders separate from the palm to simulate grasping. My question is, am I able to import my realistic 3D hand into X3D and still animate the fingers? From the looks of it, the part has lost its armatures and cannot bend its fingers by any means. Is there a way to save the animation of the fingers closing and export it to X3D? Ultimately our aim is to control the bending of a 3D hand with bend sensors attached to a real hand, and these numbers are currently rotating our placeholder fingers in X3D. If anyone has any help on exporting this realistic hand to X3D for animation purposes, I would truly appreciate it.


I’m sure there are some exporters, but I don’t think they export bones… I don’t know, Google is your friend :slight_smile: