Exporting as .obj not working correctly

Okay, So i exported a skateboard into a .obj file and imported it into another program (Endorphin). But here’s the problem, It looks fine in blender but when i import it into endorphin as a .obj it’s like inside out (Basically you see the back of the inside layer from what ever angel you are.) But it only happens on the wheels and not the board part. Any suggestions?

Here’s a picture of what i mean (Only the wheel bar), you see the inside and not the outside like i want.

what did it look like in blender, and why did you what to export it?

Why did i wanna export it? I have some reasons? And here’s another example (Same angel) You can tell it’s inside out by looking at the bottom curve it curves out on the 2nd pic.


Yes it lowers detail of the object when importing into endorphin but still it shown’t look like that. I’ve done others but now i can’t seem to do it.

did you enable the normals option in the exporting script? ive seen people miss it before…

also try ctrl+n in the edit mode while all is selected before exporting.

Thanks Felix_Kütt, that helped (The ctrl+N thing) I already knew about the normals thing.
BUT now it’s outside in lol. I have it where you can see the outside but not the inside now. Any more suggestions?

Did you try it in another program just to make sure its not Endorphin? I’ve never had an issue with the obj exporter. I use it regularly when working in Blender and Zbrush. If you don’t have anything else that will open it, send me the obj and the blend file and I will try and open it via Z.

Not it’s not just Endorphin I’ve had success with other .obj files but this one doesn’t seem to wanna work. I think i got a way to make it work now though.