Exporting blender game to a flash format?


I’d like to export my entire .blend file with all the objects, python scripts, etc, into a format that Flash 8 can import and render somehow (or just straight to SWF, but I figured that’d be too good to be true). I looked on Google but didn’t find anything particularly useful…

Any guidance appreciated.



(PS. If you’re feeling generous, I’m also curious as to how to export Blender game engine things to a format code-able to actually make an executable/installable 3d application. I know C++, C#, and Visual Basic also, so I’m flexible. Google, again, is not being helpful as the results are all way over my head or not what I’m looking for.)

You could write an xml exporter and then use Paper Vision for Flash, I guess… I haven’t tried it though, but it looks promising.

Don’t know if you’re talking about that, but if you want to make an .exe from your .blend file, you just have to go to “File” menu, and then “Save runtime…”
have a look at: link

swebal: I don’t know how to do that :-/ But I’ll look into it, I guess… thanks :slight_smile:

matmdx: Ah, thanks. This is good to know but isn’t entirely what I was looking for. Was wondering, in that sense, if I had to code an entire Game in Python in Blender or if I could port it to another programming language somehow. Ya know, integrate it with Visual Studio or something.

Any other help as to how this might get accomplished? But my main goal is to port this to Flash so it can be viewed on webpages. It’s nothing 'fancy" but it uses the game engine to make an interactive gallery…

I read somewhere that someone tried to establish a communication between his blender game and an external programm coded in java I think. As far as I remember this was done using sockets, maybe this can be a solution for you…

You can also use the webplugin for Blender : link (last message)
(but it’s a little bit old and it’s only compatible with specific versions of Blender)

Here’s what I was talking about : link
(Blender’s Game Engine as a Live 3D Simulator for External Programs)