Exporting collection instances with hidden objects

Hello, I don’t know if this is the correct category to create this topic but I am having some issues with exporting collection instances with hidden objects.

Just for an example, this is how my collections are nested.

I do not want to have -3- in the export, so I turn off every visibility option I can think of

and create an instance of -Collection- which looks just like what I want to have

I export it as a gltf file, and -3- shows up in the exported file

I am trying to batch export many nested collections with hidden collections under. I thought instancing collections like this and turning off their visibility would work, but sadly it didn’t. How can I solve this issue? Or is there any addon for such batch collection -with nested hidden collections inside- export? The ones I found were very good at exporting collections with objects inside / multiple objects but it didn’t work in my case.

Thanks a lot!

That’s interesting because when I export it as a .fbx file, I am getting what I need. I am a bit confused now…

The FBX exporter and GLTF are very different on the back-end, it’s normal to see significant differences in those exports. You could try exporting it as an FBX and then converting it to GLTF with an online converter or something?

Or a command-line converter:

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Thanks a lot. I was hoping to find a way to export gltf files straight away, but this also seems to be an option.

Simply check this option on glTF export to only export objects that are render visible.

To toggle whether a collection or object is renderable, check the camera icon near their data-block name in the Outliner Editor.

Thanks a lot for your reply, I do not know what I am doing different, but I also tried that with all the other combinations under -limit to-, but still, hidden objects are being exported.

That’s odd. It works fine for me with the export only renderable objects option, as well as with this Outliner setup.

untitled.blend (167.6 KB)


Could you share a blend of your own that can reproduce the issue? If you can, please enable this option so that others can see the exact settings you’ve used in the past.