Exporting Conveyor Belt Animation to Unity (edited for grammar)

Hey everyone,

I am struggling to get this conveyor belt animation export to Unity. Would be greatful for some assistance.

Here is the setup;

I followed the Tutorials for creating a Track to create a Conveyor Belt – Created Curve Cirle, editing to fit the Roller Setup as shown above.

Created a Tiny square small enough that would allow it to navigate around the smaller roller without it being to noticeable or non-smooth around the pulley.


Added an Array Modifier & Curve Modifier, here are the details;

From there, I created an Animation that had the belt rotating around the entire roller setup 1 Revolution. Works and Looks GREAT, in blender!

The problem;

When exporting to Unity as an FBX file nothing works properly. It appears that once the Conveyor Belt becomes a Single Entire Object that animation just moves the Entire Object along the X-Axis.

I did some research watching this video which apparently he was able to make this work;

You can see my comments to which is reply was simply Bake the Animation

He referenced in the Video that he followed this tutorial to create the Track (which is a very similar route to what I did above)

In his comments he mention you have to “Bake the Animation for each Track”, which seems easy to him however I am struggling terribly to figure how he did that. I attempted to do that but the results were very similar to the initial problem.

I feel like this would be a great route however I am needing some assistance on Baking Animations, if any one can help it would be greatly appreciated!!!

I continued to research other solutions and came across this tutorial;

This seems like a GREAT option for me, however I came to a halt becuase he only has 20 Subparts making up his Track whereas I have 1225 Subparts (I am required to navigate small pulleys and it needs to appear smooth), it would take FOREVER to do such as a thing in my case. I added a comment to see if there was an alternate option in my case to which I am awaiting his reply.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am trying to get this Conveyor Belt Animation over to Unity from Blender.

Thanks in advanced for your assistance.