Exporting files

I’m trying to mod a computer game using Blender for the model making. I don’t own (and probably will never own) 3d studio max, which uses the necessary format for importing models into the game that have been made by the modder. Blender can export .3ds files, but all my attempts to import them have failed. Of course the game uses older software (surprising as I was when I discovered this, it being made in 06’) and needs 3d studio max version 7 files; they don’t know what happens if you do anything beyond that. So, any of you experts able to tell me exactly how to export a .3ds file as version 7?

This thread will probably be locked, try reposting in the appropriate support forum.:slight_smile:

This might help : http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=81752

Thanks, sorry, I’m new to this