Exporting fluid simulation to 3smax 2011 doesn`t work

I am testing Blender 2. as a fluid simulator , and
was able to finish my first liquid simulation, but tried to
export my fluid animation as obj files, but wasn’t
successfull , even thought enabled animation in the exporter menu.
Also, imported in 3ds max I have only a Static cube, maybe the domain,
and that 's all, no meshes !!??
by the way , I got Python.:confused:

In the obj export settings also select the ‘Apply Modifiers’ button.
Tested successfully in blender 2.49b
Don’t rely on it to work in the 2.5beta

But even if you get a bunch of OBJ files out of Blender what are you going to do with them? If I remember correctly, Max only supports 100 frames of input of an OBJ sequence. 3 seconds does not get you very far.

Thank you for helping.
I’ve already exported an *.obj for every frame, but I can’t bring it into 3ds max 2011.
only the first frame polygroup , like *0001.obj , (so I can export 1 at a time),
Can’t see an option for animation on the Max native .obj exporter .
Same for FBX .(have animation option but doesn’t work)
I have no clue of the workflow which allows importing animations in 3dsmax, so
my limitation is at the moment :
obj yes, but obj animation : 0 , no animation at all.

Blender 2.49 exports a separate obj for each frame of the animation. If you are having problems importing an obj sequence into Max I’d suggest asking on a Max forum as you’re bound to have the best people there to answer such support questions.