Exporting from Cinema 4D Lite

I already asked this over at the Video Copilot forums, but nobody was able to help me.

I have a model that a client sent to me that I need to render and composite. Unfortunately, it is a .c4d file, and I can’t open it in Blender, as I believe .c4d is a closed format and there is no Blender importer (is that true, or is there a way to open .C4D or .XML files?).

The obvious solution is to export from Cinema 4D Lite (which I do have from Adobe Creative Cloud) into a format that Blender can open, like .OBJ. However, the only export option I have within C4D Lite is XML, which Blender can’t open either (at least, I don’t think it can).

Is there an exporter (preferably free) that I can install to help me with this small task, or alternatively, could someone with the full version of Cinema 4D please export an OBJ version of this model for me? Thanks for your time! http://www.videocopilot.net/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gif

Here is the model:


Here’s a blend file. You’ll have to fix the materials yourself

Beautiful! Thanks so much!