Exporting from Poser 4?

(GTBlackwell) #1

I use blender for pretty much all my modelling except when it comes to landcapes and hunam characters. Thos I create first in either Bryce or Poser, npw I want to combine them and work on them in more detail in Blender. I’ve had very little trouyble exporting/importing between Bryce and Blender, but I just can’t seem to make it work with Poser. I even tried exporting from Poser to Bryce and then tried to export that but Bryce wouldn’t even give me the option to export the imported object, even after I saved it a Bryce file. I’m importing/exporting them as VRML files (which, again, seems to work fine with Bryce) so why won’t Poser work as well? What am I missing?

(soletread) #2

What are you trying to export from poser? Just the models or are you trying to export an animation.

As far as I know, you arent going to have much luck exporting a Poser file as such (with anim and bones etc) but you can export a poser model quite easily.

In fact if its just the model you want its very easy to find the mesh in the directories poser creates. There should be one called something like “geometries” in there you will find the .obj files.

There is a OBJImport script for blender, sorry cant remember where, you may even have it. Just use that. It even imports the UV co-ords. then go into the poser textures folder, grab the JPG file and use that for the Image map. Bingo. I did it its works great BUT, Poser models are very dense. Once imported remove doubles. But you cand use the Decimator as this destroys the UV co-ords, unless you are willing to re-do the UV’s should work fine.

Did for me, got a really good looking render.

Bones are another story all together, but there is a BVH import script available also, you will need to have an identical bone structure done up manually in blender for it to work, but it does, then you can use the poser walk wizard, big time.

Hope this helps.