exporting issues

hi guys!
i’m new in the 3d modeling (i’ve start learning how to use blender 10 days ago)
i have a few questions and i actually didn’t know where to post this thread…

here’s the model i’m working on (my 1st one):

since i had no idea (and i still don’t) how to check the meshes, if all the objects are closed, and how to calculate the actual volume of the model; i’ve downloaded the beta vers of rhinoceros for mac os x, exported the .obj file and open it in rhino. once run the check mesh script this is what i got:

This is a bad mesh.

Here is what is wrong with this mesh:
Mesh has 40 non manifold edges.
Skipping face direction check because of positive non manifold edge count.

Importants thing to consider with this mesh:
Mesh has 1271 naked edges. Although this does not necessarily mean that the mesh is bad,
naked edges can cause problems if the ultimate goal is STL output.
Mesh has 4 faces where the face normal differs substantially from the vertex normals.
Although this does not necessarily mean that the mesh is bad,
these normals can cause problems if the ultimate goal is for rendering or boolean purposes.

General information about this mesh:
Mesh does not have any degenerate faces.
Mesh does not have any zero length edges.
Mesh does not have any duplicate faces.
Mesh has 78 disjoint pieces.
Mesh does not have any unused vertices.

ID: ca2bcb8d-8069-4ddf-b9bf-7331908915d6 (30)
Object name: Body_Cube.001
Layer name: Default
Render Material:
source = from layer
index = -1
Attribute UserData:
UserData ID: B0EE2168-8EC6-42ed-A962-26DEB8CC8F9A
Plug-in: Rhino Render
description: Rhino Renderable Object UserData
saved in file: no
copy count: 1
UserData ID: E298C084-E953-4cb8-9808-8E8EC85B505E
Plug-in: Toucan Render
description: Toucan Renderable Object UserData
saved in file: yes
copy count: 2
Valid mesh.
Open polygon mesh: 292357 vertices, 145641 polygons with normals
bounding box: (-4.79902,-14.2234,2.00227) to (4.87785,16.3183,3.8158)

my final goal is a .stl file
is there any way i can fix it in blender?
why it does not allow me to export an STL format?
is there a way to close all my polygons?

is there a button i missed to press … : ~ ???

apologies for the long post
hope someone can help me out, it’s quiet urgent
many tnx

You need to find all non manifolds and fix them

  1. Go into edit mode
  2. Unselect all
  3. Press select then non manifold

but now… how do i fix it? i mean, what shall i do?
do i have to delete them and fill the open edges with a new surface?

yeah you’ll have to close all the open edges
one other thing you should do is (in edit mode) press “w” then “remove doubles”

Sweet ur helping me a lot!!!
is there a qicker way to close those edges or do i have to select all the vertices one by one and press f? (it would take ages…)

you’re going to have to select the vertices then press f
when you’re done do another check for non manifolds

how can i remove all the naked edges automatically?

when you check for non manifolds it selects all of them then you can press X to delete all vertices

…it may be an exporting matter but even by doing that rhino always tells me that there’s thousand of naked edges… :frowning: