Exporting material color to Substance

Update: It now works ლ(⌒-⌒ლ)


So how does one do that in 2.80 with blender internal gone. Is there any plans for Principle BSDF being able to export colour with FBX or any other material based solution?

Sure there is option for vertex colours, but assigning material on multiple high poly parts is much faster than painting them.

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I actually ran into this very same problem this week, while testing Blender 2.8. I assume the FBX exporter needs to be updated to export Material (or viewport!) colours?

tag. I´d like to see how this is solved. I read and saw a tuto in YT that used vertex colors. I get you it´s tiredsome but works. Materials sound much convenient time-saavy.

I dont bother using SP cause it crashes on my system and slows down. I sent error reports a few times to no avail.