Exporting mesh to Second Life via UV mapping - HELP!

Hello all,
I’m part of my college’s Second Life project to recreate the campus in Second Life itself. Well, along the way, I’ve hit a problem. I’m working on this dragon body that lines one of the grassy areas of campus.

I’ve created the dragon body by basically making a cylinder and extruding one end of the cylinder repeatedly until I have what is basically a U-shaped body. I then took another cylinder and extruded that repeatedly to create the little wiggles on top of the main body.

Now I’m at the stage where I need to get this mesh exported from Blender to Second Life. The way this is done is with UV mapping. Now, I can get Blender to create the UV maps, but I know that somewhere along the way, I’m either not unwrapping the mesh properly, or I am unrolling the mesh properly but I am using the wrong vertices or something. As a result, Blender creates a UV map that - when uploaded to Second Life - results in a jumbled mess of a mesh that does not at all resemble my dragon! :frowning:

I’ve posted two pictures of the dragon I am working on. How do you folks
recommend I unwrap the mesh in a way that produces an accurate UV map? I’ve tried selecting the bottoms of the dragon, I’ve tried selecting the whole mesh and unwrapping, I’ve also tried “unwrap from view” and “unwrap as cylinder”.

Some input from you fine folks would be most helpful! Here are the images: