Exporting model to .json fomart

i need your help guys,does anyone know how to export a model from blender to .json format-not glb/gltf…please if anyone has a clue/script please share

Saying that a file is JSON is like saying an object is plastic — it tells you what the thing is made of, but not what the thing is, and JSON is not — by itself — a 3D format. A JSON file could contain anything from business expenses to sports statistics, it’s just a way of structuring arbitrary data.

What program do you need to open this JSON file in? It may have its own special type of JSON file that it uses. For example, three.js used a custom JSON format for exporting 3D models from Blender a few years back, before switching to use glTF/GLB (which is also JSON1 :wink: ).

1More specifically, all .gltf files are JSON, but .glb files contain small JSON headers while the “heavy” parts of the data (vertices, animations, etc.) are binary data for efficiency. It’s pretty trivial to convert .gltf.glb.

Thanks for clarification on “JSON Format” thing…i found a workaround,. Had to use a blender 2.79 three.js exporter add-on…
i understand gltf is also json format, what i didn’t specify is that i am not using that glb/gltf loader but using three.js jason deprecated loader…
Thanks for help. Appreciated

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