Exporting models, strange behaviour

Hi folks. I thought I’d already posted this question, so I apologize if it turns up twice.

I’m exporting some very simple mesh’s for using in a windows game using Monogame and Visual Studio.

The models seem to export fine and can be viewed in FBX without any problems. But as soon as I load them into Monogame and display them the models lose their dimensions. Now I know this sounds like a Monogame problem, but my code is so simple, I load the model and display it, so there cannot be any problem with the code, and I know many people use Blender for model creation.

The major problem seems to be scaling, is I create a model from a cube Monogame will display the mesh as a cube, no matter how much the model has deviated from a cube. I had one model made of 2 Mesh’s, a very simple car and wheels, again in FBX the model displayed perfectly but as soon as it was loaded into Monogame the car body was squashed into a cube and the 4 wheels became a single wheel, I guess the 4 wheels were being drawn on top of each other.

So, as the models are drawn perfectly in FBX, I can only assume Monogame isn’t reading some part of the data saved in the export. Yes, I’ve tried every export type.

I’m using the latest release of Blender.

Has anyone got any suggestions? I’m getting a bit confused.