Exporting or posing with different frames per object?

I have an airplane model I’m making for a flight simulator. The animations are all full range animations for each moving part animated from 0 to 100 so the simulator can see what the range of motion for each part is on export. This works great except for one small inconvenience…Posing for pretty pictures and renders in blender.

There’s no frame on my timeline (0-100) that has everything in a neutral position. Frame 50 would be great for control surfaces because frame 50 has the ailerons and elevators in the center, but the canopy is half open and the gears are half extended.

Is there a way to set which keyframe is currently being shown on a per object basis?

I’ve thought of some potential workarounds, and that would be to create a frame 101 that has the neutral position of each object, but I don’t know if that will affect the export of the aircraft to the simulator…might be worth testing I guess, but if it’s possible to set each object to a specific keyframe in the animation that would be best.


Hmmm difficult problem, you could save the project to another name, delete the keyframes you don’t want, or make a “camera pose” then do your promotional pictures from that. It saves messing your export model. If the model is rigged with an Armature, you could link it into another blend file with the backgrounds, then make a proxy rig and pose that for your promo shots.

Cheers, Clock.