Exporting/sharing error

Ok so i created a simple car game where you drive around, jump off little ramps in a boxed off level, great! I exported as a .Exe and saved it into a folder which after saving had a bunch of .dll and java files that i guess help it run? I tried the .Exe and it opened its own little window ( Not blender but it has the blender icon?) and the game worked! But when i put it on a flash drive to show some friends, i got some sort of error message saying that it could not be read try 32 bit or 64 bit ( tried both) and it did not work, none of the computers used had blender downloaded, and mine does. How can i make it playable on a computer without blender?( if you know how, please explain, preferably by emailing me at [email protected]) Thanks!

No replies? No email? Is this literally impossible?