exporting simple mesh to max

hey everyone,

I want to simply export a mesh to 3ds max. I tried dxf, obj, 3ds, and when i load them in max everything has been converted to tris. I select a face and it select half the face (in tri form). I simply want to keep all the quads in tact. There must be a way to do this.

Thanks so much.

so… is this just an unspoken thing nobody knows how to do? Export a mesh to max with the quads intact…

You might want to try Collada–I had decent success going the other way around (Max to Blender), but I’m not sure what it will do to the quads. I know there are other people who have a Max/Blender workflow, but it might take them some time to notice this thread. Kind of weird first post for me, but hopefully that helps you out!

this is a bump… I reeeallly need to know how to do this. I’d be so grateful for anyone to help. I’d think this would be a larger topic because collaborations with other apps is very very important in getting blender to be used in studio pipelines.

That’s because of max’s obj importer. Ive always had that problem till recently.

You have to get a custom obj importer/exporter for MAX like GW::Obj and you won’t have those quad problems again. Just remember to leave “triangulate” unchecked in blender and back in max convert the model to editable poly

fabiodan… you are of ethereal status, from the heavens. thankyou so much. All i had to do was convert to editable poly. It comes in as an editable mesh.

No problem. So the regular max importer did it for you… Sweet.