Exporting to 3ds

Dear Friends,

Sorry if this was already covered, I attempted to search for this topic but could not find anything.

I am looking to export from blender to .3ds in order to put the models into a program which only accepts .3ds models. I can get the textures to export without a problem but I do some compositing in blender which does not translate into the export.

I was just curious if it was possible, via a script out there or other means, to have the compositing export to the .3ds file.

If not I can figure something out, but I figured asking could not hurt!

Thanks in advance,


No, think about it. The model is pre render and the compositor is a post render process. You may be able to bake lighting into your textures if that is what you are looking for.

Thanks ATOM, that is what I was figuring.

I will go to plan B!

Thanks again.