Exporting to FBX colouring issue


So I’m trying to add a 3D forklift to something that I made, and when I render it, it looks great, so I tried exporting the FBX to add to a PowerPoint presentation and for some reason the colours on the forklift are COMPLETELY different as to what was rendered through blender.

Main Question:

  • When I export to FBX, the colours on the model are completely different as to what the objects looks like when its rendered and in the viewport.

I’m having the same issue with a lorry I’ve tired modelling as well, and every time I try to google the issue, I get no relevant search results. I’ll attach a side by side image of the forklift from the render, to the exported FBX object.

Additional Note:

When I bring the exported FBX into a game engine such as Unity, the colours are completely fine.

Thanks for any help!