Exporting to flash

Is there a way to convert a blender game to a flash game? I don’t know what else to say…

EDIT: I don’t want to buy any Adobe products!!! I want to design most, if not all, (but I’m okay with most) of the game in Blender, and just export somehow to a fully usable flash file which I can put on a website. Thank you all for your help.

PS: I wonder why there are more resources for putting blender games on Apple products, then for simply putting them on the web???

You can’t.

You can export 3d models to Paper Vision or other flash 3d engine. But that’s all! Exporting whole game to such a different technology is next to impossible.

What is papervision? I’ve researched it heavily, but I still have no clue what it is.

I am not here to help since I can’t (sorry :P)
But if you want to to web-based stuff (such as flash game / sites)
learn flash! It’s great fun once you have mastered the basics (action-script etc.) and it’s not that difficult!

Papervision is much more advanced , it’s VERY VERY different than your normal 2d flash stuff and you don’t need the actual flash package to be able to make papervision games / programs.

I have tried to use Papervision before, it is difficult to learn and its much harder to use than Blender 3D since everything must be done through scripts, no logic block or real time 3D interface to work with.

What program can I use to do flash? I don’t want to buy anything, and I can’t afford to anyway…

Your research in this new territory is appreciated.

Swift 3D is an Adobe Flash analog…well not exactly, but it will do the job, however if you want to be a real flash game developer you will need to buy Adobe Flash.

Papervision is much more advanced , it’s VERY VERY different than your normal 2d flash

Believe me, the real power of Adobe Flash is the AS2/AS3 script. Paper Vision is much less complicated than that.
My current day job is a flash developer in a relatively big game studio, developing an next-gen mmo.
I can say that Flash is a lot more than just some tween animations with a button behaviors on them.

There are a lot of security flaws with Blender as a web plugin. This is mostly related to Python. Python gives the BGE full access to the computer that is running it, and even if security measures were implemented (like disallowing system() calls and such), there are dozens of ways to bypass them by using non-standard Python commands.

You might try the Unity engine. There is a free version and a web player, and it can import Blender assets. Just read that web game sites like Kongregate are starting to offer Unity games alongside Flash games on their site. Too bad the Unity devs won’t make a Linux version of their plugin.

It looks like swift 3d is just a modeling/animation/rendering tool, I want flash game development kit. I guess this isn’t really blender related anymore, but I thought you always heard of flash games that had been done in blender?

Maybe you can try “webgl”.

Can someone tell me what Papervision 3d is, exactly? Do I need other software to use it? Does it run on it’s own? Does it have a GUI? Is it WYSIWYG? Please, someone explain.

Papervision3D is a library for rendering 3D objects in flash. It’s similar to http://www.ambiera.com/coppercube/index.html

Flash has nothing to do with blender. There are very few 3D flash games out there, for a good reason; It’s expensive, proprietary, a pain to develop with, and a CPU hog.

I suggest you try Unity, it can import .blend files easily.

It is an actionscript library, meaning it’s purely code that you import into your project, that allows you to render realtime 3d in a flash which is normally only 2d.

Yes. You need another flash editor. There are several. There is the standard Flash IDE (which is probably what you really want but can’t get), there is the Flex, which is PURELY actionscript driven (it has no gui), there is Flashdevelop, it’s a free tool but has NO GUI. It’s purely actionscript like Flex. You can configure Eclipse with a series of plugins to make flash(again, purely actionscript code no gui). There’s probably a sizable list of other alternatives too. I’ve tried to find a open source alternative to the Flash IDE. THERE ISN"T ONE. If you want to develop Flash in a Flash IDE like environment, you are going to have to buy the Flash IDE. The good news is if you are a student you can get it off Journeysed for about 200 bucks.



and no.

The Flex SDK is free: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Flex+SDK

It comes with an AS3 compiler, and some basic development utilities - the package is cross-platform.

Exporting blender meshes to Papervision should be relatively easy, as there are already be tools to do just that (last time I checked).

However, it would probably be better to work on a plug-in to export for WebGL, because that’s the future, and flash is slowly, but surely, going to die out (this is one of those things that Steve Jobs was actually right about).

In either case, you’ll have to write the logic code for your game in the language that the receiving system can understand. So, for Flash, it would be ActionScript 3.0, and for WebGL, I guess it would be the latest version of JavaScript.