Exporting to MS trainsimulator

Does anyone have prior experiance with exporting models to ms trainsimulator? i want to try it but id like to know how you have to put textures on a trainsim model.

Yawn, I get tired even thinking about real trains let alone virtual trains. I guess it’s an aquired taste. I haven’t personally exported to MS train sim format - I wish software producers would just use one standard format instead of always making their own.

Anyway, I read on this site http://www.train-sim.com/ that there is freeware software that exports to MS train format called VBuilder ( http://www.tvi-sarl.com/ ). You could maybe model in Blender and export to a format VBuilder imports. I think it imports 3ds files and Blender exports 3ds via a python script.

You can also use 3DCanvas: http://www.amabilis.com/msts.htm
or the software designed just for the job: http://www.fscentral.com/trainsimmod.html

well, i have a model exported to 3ds, but im struggeling with the conv3ds program. i get error messages every time.