Exporting To Poser 10

Hi, I am using Blender 2.69 and Poser 10. I have been trying to export my model to Poser 10 and I am having problems getting it to work.
I export the model with all materials and textures, colors as an OBJ.
Then when I import the model into Poser, all materials, clothes, colors looks really good. Then I render it, everything still looks good. But when I exit the rendered scene all that is on the screen is a black figure. I can’t see the face, clothes, colors, nothing, just black. ( The Poser background, gray color is always ok )
Why is this happening?
Thanks for your help !

You’ll be interested in this thread in the Poser forum,
I’m writing a tutorial for the process and soliciting input from other Blender users. Many content creators use to make stuff for Poser. In short, make your model and apply basic materials, export as an obj, import into Poser, create a cr2 file with external geometry then continue with rigging, materials, etc.