Exporting to UDK

Hey guys, I’m currently working on a UDK project. Does any one know if bone constraints like IK and Stretch to will export? I suppose i can make do without IK, but I’m not really sure how to tackle this face. If anyone has any idea, it’d be greatly appreciated.

i think the idea is to export only the bones that deform the character. you could have hundreds of bones in Blender to control a character, but sure you cannot export all of them. there is a limit. so, for example, in rigify you could export the layer 28, the deformer bones.
Normally, that bones have constraints with the control bones. so, you could use “Bake Action” for example, that create keys based on the keyframes of the bones. then export only that. Maybe the exporter have some options to export only selected layers or something.

hope useful