exporting to unreal 2

is there a script somewhere to export a uvmapped mesh to be used in the unreal 2 level editor? i think it only reads a certain filetype, but i’m not sure. i’m jsut gettting started with this, and making levels out of teh default cubes and spheres isnt very fun.(especially because i can’t uv map them.)

static mesh: .ase exporter, stable and functional [do a search]
armature-deformed mesh/animations: psk/psa exporter, doesn’t exist in a usuable state

… that is, if by “unreal 2” you mean the “unreal 2” engine

Yes, I meant the unreal engine.

thanks for the info, but i cant seem to find a working download link to the .ase exporter, unless there are more than one.

Look here. :smiley:

hmm… i cant get it to export, because it says that textures are invalid. is there a (english) tutorial?

Find it here:



Try to guess my internet adress.


i have everything woring fine, but it says: textures invalid

Now I’m curios, Coalth

Did you triangulate everything?

Perhaps you can send me your blender file (with pics in a zip file preferably)