Exporting USDZ or Converting GLTF to USDZ for AR

I’m searching for a method to export a usdz-file for an AR application. Is there a free tool, that I can use for that task?
I’m using a windows machine and allready checked the online converter, but they are not free to use.
There is a plugin but it does not work for me.

Does anybody have experience with that task?

Hope you are doing fine these days!

I would suggest exporting to glTF, then converting with https://github.com/google/usd_from_gltf. Sketchfab also autogenerates both glTF and USDZ versions of any file you upload, so their Blender import tools might be worth trying!

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You can now do it via sketchfab

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Thanks a lot.
The command line tool looks promising. But I don’t know how to build USD, to be honestly. Seems to be complicated.
The Sketchfab Hack is for Pro Users only as far as I know. But good to know. Like Sketchfab a lot.

BTW: Found out that Substance Painter also supports usd export. That’s the easiest way for me right now.
The drawback is that I can’t preview the result on windows. Is there a way to view the files on windows?