Exporting with materials?

Hi, I’m trying to just assign (say) an image texture to the default cube, export it to a non-.blend format, and upon import still see the texture. Instead what I get is: (1) I export, (2) I import and it’s back to the default material. This is for 3DS or DirectX formats. Looking at the exported files there’s no reference in there anywhere to a texture file, or the data from such a file. This is with DirectXExporter 3.0 or 3ds_export 0.9a.

I am not sure which .X exporter you are using but if you UV map the texture it should work. put the image in the directory where you will be saving the .X file or in the place you are keeping your game media BEFORE you assign the tex in Blender. If you change the image path after you save the .X you will need to edit the file. Same thing for .3ds except I don’t think you can edit the .3ds file.
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