Hello, I hope this is the right place to be asking this. I made a simple walking gingerbread man model according to the blender manual tutorial and tried exporting it to a .x file, when I tried looking at it in a model viewer(I tried two diferent ones) it says it fails. I have no idea what could have gone wrong, I am quite new to blender and am not aware of everything I should consider/the measures I should take before/to export a model. Anyone can help me?

could you tell us more about your specs? which operating system? which version of blender?
also, try running blender from the command line (or terminal in linux/mac)… blender normally spits out more information about what went wrong in the terminal. Post the error message from the terminal here.


Problem solved. New problem when I try applying subsurf the model distorts horribly any reasons why this would be happening? How it could be fixed?

Sorry for double posting, version 2.46, windows. What about specs?

a picture before and after subsurf would greatly help diagnose the problem