EXR files not rendering in blender


I am trying to achieve HDRI Lighting in blender cycles. I am using the newest version, 64bit with a GTX 750TI, also tried CPU Rendering. But I have no luck, the sky is always pink. I know this color normally occurs when there is a missing image or wrong file path (the same in the end). But either is the case.

Just to make sure I don’t make any mistake I downloaded this ready blend file: http://www.hyperfocaldesign.com/hdri-tutorials/blender-hdri-tutorial-cycles (“Download Blender HDRI Tutorial!” BUTTON AT THE TOP)

I also tried blender 2.71, same error. Blender 2.74 not working too. Whats wrong? I have windows 10 64bit, everyting else in blender is just working fine - if i take a jpg image as environment everything works fine. Problem is EXR file type…

Thank you!

just a screenshot (with render region - but F12 is not working, too)

Are you sure the image is being used ? In a blender image editor window can you view the texture. If not, it’s not there. Try reselecting it or check for missing data (File / External Data menu).

I downloaded that file and the blend file consists of a cube with a environment map (works correctly), not the scene you show in your screenshot.

have you tried packing the .exr in the blend file (File / External Data menu)
Supply a link to your blend file.


I’m currently facing the same problem with my new laptop. I can give some more information though :

  • there is no problem if I try my blend file on an other computer (EXR file packed or not). I’m not sure but I think Blender version is the same as mine
  • the image is perfectly displayed in the image editor, while it’s not working for environment lighting
  • I tried with several “.hdr” files, the scene is correctly enlightened
  • I tried with several “.exr” files, my scene is desperately pinkish

If suspect a configuration problem, but I can’t figure out what.

OK. Thanks to Richard Marklew, unpacking the file AND doing “Find missing files” solved the problem for me.