Extending Sculpting in Blender. How to?

Hi, I plan on starting the development of a sculpting toolkit for blender by the end of year. I’m not new to programming but don’t know much about blender modules. I wanna ask if I can develop special sculpting brushes or other tools like the ones in Zbrush using just python or will I be required to look into the c code for the job.
I don’t know if I have asked the right question but still answer anything that could be useful.

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Would you be interested in joining forces with Pablo?

I think the following forum is more suitable for your concerns:

The only thing I do is the occasional bug report and reporting the news, I don’t think I’d be of much help :wink:

There is good information in your thread about Pablo’s project. That’s why I shared the link.

I checked it out. There’s some great info there for what I want to do. Thanks

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