Extending the animation while keeping the speed of the cam

Hi. I am rendering an animation and realize I would like to have a few more frames for the final composition.
I need to add 100 frames and I would like the camera to keep going at the same speed. I am wondering if there is any way to extend the f-curve of my cam Y axis at the same rate as it is now.

I need to add the keyframes to an already done animation and I am trying to avoid any type of jumps.

Thank you

Are you familiar with the Extrapolation Mode setting? You should be able to select your camera’s Y-axis f-curve and tell Blender to extrapolate the last keyframe in a linear fashion keeping the curve going in the same direction based on its previous slope. Read more about it is the manual here:

If you need a more in-depth explanation, please let me know!

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