Extending the beginning part of the animation

Hi, I need to move every single keyframe further without changing the animation. Moving 5-6 keyframes is no problem but when i move every one of them, something is off, camera movements doesn’t match objects’ movements.
Or are there any other options i can use to add 2 seconds at the beginning of my animation, i just realized i forgot to animate a part D:
thank you for your help

In the dopesheet editor you can move every single keyframe at once. Just make sure all objects are visible and selected

Also it’s a good practice to start your animation from a frame like 1000 instead of 0 so you can always add frames at the beggining :slight_smile:


I will be using this method from now on, it’s such a good idea!

Hi, thank you for your reply, I’ve tried this a few times but even though i select all of the keyframes (at least i think i do) after they’ve been moved, the camera movements doesn’t match the armature’s movements.

You have to press A to deselect all then A again to select all keyframes in the dopsheet.
Or perhaps you have hidden camera animation tracks hidden in fcurve.

is is possible to have hidden camera movements without knowing about them, because i didn’t add camera keyframes differently than others’

You can accidentaly click on the eye icon on the fcurve animation track.
Or accidentaly make the object unselectable in the outliner also.(if you have asked to show this arrow icon).
Or hidden the object by pressing H accidentally. A hidden object can not be selected.
In that case press ALT H.