Exterior 01 - Into the Dust (An adaptation of BR2049's Ruins of Las Vegas scene)

Exterior 01 - Into the Dust




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Blender 3.5

Modeling Blender
Texturing Blender
Rendering Blender
Compositing Photoshop
Post-Processing Photoshop

Heavily inspired by the Ruins of Las Vegas scene in Blade Runner 2049.
However, I didn’t want to recreate it 1-to-1, but follow it to some extent and add some own elements to it.
At first, I though this kind of lighting seemed easy enough to pull off, however, it wasn’t so easy at all in the end and I’m still not 100% satisfied. It was however a nice chance to find out the technicalities the cinematographers used for the lighting setup.

After having spend more time creating nature and various interior/exterior renders, I decided it’s time to go back to some sci-fi/space theme, which still is among my favorites.

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